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Exit Strategies for Dental Practices

There are a variety of strategies in the mainstream today

Sell to a graduating dentist

Fact: the average dentist graduated with school debt of $287,331 (ASDA) 

Alternative: we help develop a transition plan based on your timeline

Sell to a corporate organization or DSO

Fact: a single dentistry typically does not have the scale to attract larger buyers

Alternative: our innovative strategy equalizes the playing field

List for sale through a broker

Fact: only 8% - 12% of small businesses listed through a broker actually sell

Alternative: our strategies increase the probability of a successful exit by 6X

Work until it's time to retire

Fact: many business owners are forced to close the doors without a payout

Alternative: join a team that allows you to sell your practice now or years down the road

Introducing a better way...

Virtual Roll-Up

We sell dental practices for our partners through a proprietary strategy called the virtual roll-up. Having created massive success with this strategy in a variety of industries, we are now bringing this approach into the dental practice arena. Reach out to our team or join an upcoming webinar to learn more about why we have a 6X higher success rate selling practices through this strategy.

Qualification Criteria

Practice Type

Do you operate a general dentistry, periodontic, or pediatric practice?


Is your practice revenue above 750K?

Interest in Exit

Are you interested in an exit event in the next one to several years as part of your retirement?


Do you maintain a profit margin above 15%?

Future Oriented

Are you a future-oriented doctor looking to extract maximum value and compensation for building a successful practice?

Strong Future

Are you concerned that if you don’t line up an exit strategy you may be forced to close your doors?