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How to sell your dental practice with 6X greater likelihood and get 43% more value out of the sale

Only 10% of dentists are able to sell their practice and even then, it’s at a reduced value

Find Out How

Industry Statistics & Facts

Most Dental Practices Don’t Sell - Only 8% to 12% of all practices that are listed for sale actually sell
Most Offices Under Perform – Over 85% of dentists say their practice has more potential, costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars if they’re even able to sell
Trapped in the business – The average retirement age for dentists has risen to 69 years, as they realize they need to work longer to prepare for retirement (Source: ADA, 2017)
Low Dollar Valuations – For the 10% of practices that do sell, very rarely do they get full value or all cash
Expensive to Sell – The cost to sell your practice can be as high as $20,000 upfront and 6% of the sale price
Limited Interest or Ability (Bankers Healthcare Group Survey) - only 66% of dentists surveyed even want to buy a practice
Of those that are interested, one or more of the following issues prevent them from doing so:

•     Cost involved — 72 %

•     Concerns about running a business — 52 %

•     Effect on work/life balance — 51 %

•     Student loan debt — 35 %

•     Not sure where to start — 22 %

Not Feasible for New Graduates - the average dentist graduates with school debt of $287,331 (ASDA)

How we’re able to deliver 43% more value on an exit

We Have Experience Growing and Selling Businesses

- Actively selling business for over 20 years
- Over $500M of transactions completed
- Increased the collective value of companies by over $160M
- Grew a healthcare business from $10M to $75M

Unique Strategies to Escalate Sale Value

- Our innovative approach makes a transaction (exit event) 6X more likely
- Experience 10% to 20% more growth resulting in 5% to 10% more profit
- Our proprietary strategies yield 43% more value when you sell  
- Bringing Fortune 500 experience to groups of dental practice owners 

Increase the Buyer Pool Significantly

- Get access to more than just buyers of individual practices (small players)
- Get access to large institutional buyers and private equity firms (if desired)
- Larger players pay higher multiples; be part of a bigger transaction 

Name Your Price when Selling your Practice

- Not offered anywhere else – you can name your price in selling your practice
- If qualified, you will get the price you choose or greater when selling your practice
- We will hit this price or you don’t sell 

Maintain Complete Control

- Don’t give up control over your practice until the day you sell
- We are not a DSO and will not tell you how to run your practice
- You are in charge of clinical decisions, culture, & staff 

Now Showing Others How to Make it Happen

- Proven approach and system to create results 
- Improving probability of a sale by up to 6X
- 43% more value for you upon an exit event


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